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Synsepalum dulcificum or Miracle Fruit / Miracle Berry

The Miracle Berry is a plant grown naturally in Ghana (West Africa).

The Miracle berry (synsepalum dulcificum) has a very unusual effect when the fruit is absorbed over the tongue. It makes food and drinks which normally taste sour or bitter, taste sweet. The sweet taste is similar to that of artificial sweeteners. If you chew the fruit, and then eat a lemon, it will not taste sour at all, it actually tastes like lemonade. Sour2Sweet.com is our preferred Miracle Fruit vendor. Click here to purchase Miracle Berry Tablets.

It was first (recorded) discovered by the west in around the 1700s. It was noticed that local tribesman ate the fruit first before eating bland flavored foods.

The berry resurfaced in the 1970s, when an entrepreneur with the backing of some major figures attempted to commercialise it. They had plans for a number of products, including Miracle Fruit Gum, Miracle Berry Ice Lollies, Miracle Fruit Candy. The Ice Lollies contained no sugar at all, and where full of goodness.. a survey was performed with children between a miracle berry ice lolly and a standard sugar filled version. The majority of the children chose the Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) type as the best.

But, abruptly, the FDA decided to put a ban on the commercialisation of the product until full research had been performed on the fruit, which could take many many years. There are theories that the FDA has pressure from the Sugar companies of the time, as they believed this product could put them out of business. But this was of course just a rumour.

Recently Synsepalum dulcificum has resurfaced in the media. It can be sold as a dietary supplement but not as a sweetener in the USA. it currently has no legal status in the EU, but is accepted in Japan as a harmless additive.

Fresh Miracle Fruit has been on sale in the USA originally from the Miracle Fruit Man (search google) and retails quite expensive, over 4$ per fruit (which is about the size of a grape). It contains a stone and can be grown in a green house.

In the past couple of years a small number of UK citizens have been selling Freeze Dried Granules of the Miracle fruit, imported from Ghana. The effect is the same as the fresh miracle berries. The granules are placed on the tongue and allowed to dissolve.

Recently a new product has come to the market, thanks to a Japanese Scientists. Miracle Berry Tablets. The tabs are compressed freeze dried Synsepalum dulcificum in tablet form. They last 12 months unlike granules which only last a few days.

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